Thursday, September 18, 2008

The joys of unemployment

Really, I'm serious. I wouldn't want to do it forever, but this schedule of baking bread, picking grapes, exploring the city, applying for jobs, and doing some Spanish tutoring on the side while waiting for my Colorado teaching license to be processed is not so bad. And since none of us in this house have full-time jobs (yet), our schedules coincide quite nicely for quality housemate bonding time. At the request of my dear and far-away family, I've uploaded some photos of our place to my Picasa albums, along with some from the summer in PA and Goshen. Here's a little preview. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

It's been awhile, I know. The world does not stop spinning during these transition times, doesn't wait until I'm ready to begin the next phase, so I just keep moving with it. In the month and a half since I've been back in the US, I haven't been in any one place more than 11 days at a time. A blur of family,



Of hello-goodbyes,

unpacking and repacking,

driving from one life into another into another.

Telling myself these feelings of ungroundedness come from being physically rather than emotionally homeless. It worked out pretty well, really, never giving me enough time to fall out of the honeymoon phase of adjusting to one place before I was off to another.

And now I'm here. Denver, Colorado. My fifth day in my new home. I have key and a bed and an address to put on my résumé. Five fabulous housemates, four bicycles, three bedrooms, two hammock chairs, and one treehouse in a crabapple tree.

And it's my night to make supper, so I'm off to explore one of many local Asian markets to make a Cambodian meal in our lime-green kitchen.

And I am happy.