Sunday, August 30, 2009


Tomorrow is the last day of August. I have not written this entire month. It's not that I've disappeared; it's that life beyond the computer world has been hurtling me full-force through the past weeks, and I hardly have time to breathe, much less blog. I will not even attempt to catch up on everything that's been happening this past month, but I will start with a little glimpse of the biggest change tonight and take it from there.

I am a teacher. A "real" one. Not a teaching assistant. Not a student teacher. Not a volunteer professor of English in Cambodia. Not a para. A real live maestra de español. Since I last wrote, my classroom went from looking like this:

to this:

And voilà--I am a teacher. A sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, exhausted, and utterly inspired teacher. With 23 classes and nearly 600 students. And it is past my bedtime. Again. Hasta la próxima, pues.